"Laura has a great ability to listen and answer questions and issues thoughtfully and with insight"

For many years my meditation and yoga practices have supported me in my private life and in my work teaching adults. This journey is an outer reflection of an inner growth that can be developed through practices such as mindfulness and meditation. By combining individual meditation practice within a  supportive group we can influence our inner and outer experience of life.

Meditation and mindfulness enhance my yoga practice and deepen the enjoyment I find in nature and organic gardening, walking, swimming, music and painting. It even helps me enjoy mundane tasks such as doing the housework! Rooted in the Rinzai Zen tradition of daily sitting and living from a space of inner abundance and peace, reduces my own suffering and greatly nourishes me in this dance of life.


Mindfulness and meditation can be more than just a coping mechanism. They offer a way of engaging with life that is both enriching and fundamentally satisfying.

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Meditation and Mindfulness

"Every week was something I looked forward to. You made me feel confident and competent towards the meditation"

I think we can all agree that life in the 21st Century can be hectic and despite the arrival of mass social media, it can be very isolating, too. As you begin to practice meditation and mindfulness, though, you can start to feel more alive and less ‘stuck on auto-pilot’.  

Despite its recent popularity mindfulness and meditation practices have helped ordinary people improve their everyday lives for over two thousand years, by taking time out to notice and reflect.  This long track record is supported by recent scientific research into neuroplasticity, which indicates that no matter what our age, our brains are generally able to learn new ways of thinking.

People with a regular meditation practice often feel less anxious and less stressed, are better able to relax and have better sleep patterns. It can bring greater calmness, clarity, improve concentration and help you feel happier.